Company delivers fresh, locally grown produce straight to Hampton Roads homes


HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) – Many people in Hampton Roads adopted new ways of life during the pandemic, including grocery delivery. One local company has become pretty popular for their fresh produce delivery.

They call themselves “veggie fairies,” because they collect the fresh locally grown produce your family picks out and then drop it right on your doorstep.

Kerry Schiffer has been a veggie fairy for about a year, and early on Thursday mornings she meets near Pembroke Mall to pick up her orders.

“We meet here at this stop and get all of the boxes off of the truck they get piled up behind our cars. We go through and make sure that all the fruits and vegetables look great and are what they are supposed to be,” she said.

The fruits and veggies are grown locally.

“Many of the farms are local. There are a few farms that are located right in the middle peninsula, so super close,” she said.

The company Seasonal Roots prides itself on using produce from the area.

“This way they can have the healthiest options and it’s easier cause sometimes you go into a grocery store and you see organic this or that; it’s overwhelming, but here it’s a selected menu and it’s easier to zone in on something and to find a recipe to then put it all together,” she said.

Once she has checked all of her boxes, Kerry heads out for delivery.

Her first stop is to Meghan Raftery.

“I like that there is a couple of things that we are kind of picky about in our house so like coffee is one of those and just fruits and vegetables that we wouldn’t normally prioritize and now we have a better sense of what grows around here,” said Raftery.

She says it helps her family stay healthy, but also makes her feel good about helping the local economy.

“Just the idea of the produce being local is good from a philosophical standpoint because you’re helping the local community, but the food is just so fresh,” she said.

Seasonal Roots makes deliveries every Thursday in Hampton, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, but the market opens on Fridays each week. If you are interested click here.

The company is also hiring.