Issues Advocacy

Gaining public support for a controversial project or issue is never easy. It takes research, time, materials, websites and, most of all, an understanding of the political, demographic and media landscape. That’s why law firms, trade associations, developers and other interest groups who are trying to engage a community or even just its elected representatives in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia turn to Joel Rubin and Rubin Communications Group.

A former television reporter and talk show host who is well known and respected by reporters, city and state officials and the business community, Joel is able to get the ear of opinion leaders, generate news coverage and understanding of the client’s position. RCG is adept at staging news conferences, organizing rallies, drafting and placing op-eds and letters to the editor, collecting signatures on petitions, managing social media campaigns and identifying individuals and groups who can become allies.

Knowing the players and the field are essential to success in issues advocacy. With more than 35 years in the market, Rubin Communications Group is the team to turn to when you need to raise awareness, change minds or just make waves in Hampton Roads.